Sjors Baarveld


Stef Kwinten


L’Oreal Professionel

L’Oréal asked us to try and capture the mood of their new range of vegan hair products for women. Our director Sjors stepped out his comfort zone and created this spherical film starring the beautiful Laura van Ree and Stephanie Broekman.

L’Oreal came up to us regarding their new range of vegan hair products for women and how to capture this on film.

Director Sjors Baarveld had to get in touch with his feminine side a bit while writing the treatment. Also we’ve asked Stef Kwinten to tag along on one promise; that he could make the cast float like a butterfly. Stef delivered!

Hats of to both of them making this project work out the way it did without any greenscreen and/or sfx. Just some slow motion action in combination with basic cropping and the beautiful surroundings of Arnhem did the trick.